Your Personal Trainer on-demand on your TV

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How AIMOOV will help you work out more and better


A personalized and ever-evolving sports program

Whatever your goal, AIMOOV will adapt your program to your profile and adjust your exercises to your form.

Work out smarter with real-time coaching

Your personal trainer tracks your posture and movements, encourages you and challenges you during workout session.

Track your progress with Smart Insights

Follow your progress and achievements, your strengths and the movements you need to improve.
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An outstanding Experience

The AIMOOV universe will give you a taste of the METAVERSE. Interact with your coach using gestures and train to your favorite music.

An advanced technology

Several years of R&D and a patented AI have enabled AIMOOV to bring you the best coaching experience and ever-changing content.

A sustainable product

Designed and developed in France, AIMOOV is made with 100% recycled plastic and carton and has minimal carbon footprint.

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AI BRIGHT is a French Startup founded in 2019 and innovates in the field of Artificial Intelligence for Health and Wellbeing.